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November 30, 2009 0 min to read

Alive First Draft Finished!

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Hooray! The first draft for my new book Alive is finished! Now it’s going ...

November 23, 2009 0 min to read

Seven Chapters In

Category : Blogs (Writing), Writing

I’m seven chapters in with the first draft of my new book “AliveR...

November 15, 2009 1 min to read

Excited About My New Book “Alive”

Category : Blogs (Writing), Writing

Today I’ve embarked on a journey on writing a new book, with the working t...

October 7, 2009 0 min to read

Article at The Times Live

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The Times have published an article of mine today about The African Way and post...

July 17, 2009 0 min to read

That Hideous Strength

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Shannon (my wife) and I have been reading CS Lewis’ Sci-Fi trilogy in the ...

May 29, 2008 0 min to read

Revising my book

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I don’t regularly update my blog (I mean, it’s not that popular anyw...

March 16, 2007 0 min to read

A new blog enters the world

Category : Blogs (Writing), Writing

Yep, another new blog. I’ve been switching blogs trying to find the best o...