Why Ghostwriting Matters and Why I Love it

Why I think ghostwriting really can make a difference.


When I first began on the adventure of writing full-time, I just came out of a dead-beat job that I hated. I always wanted to write when I was a kid, but at some stage of the journey I got discouraged when various people insisted that it could never be a reality. “You can’t make money out of that sort of thing,” and all that.

My writing journey began with one thought in my head, a calling as it were. To “challenge people in their thinking.” And through all the years I’ve endeavoured to do just that, with various degrees of success and failure. But one lone guy trying to do that through the writing medium will never really do the job. That’s why the prospect of ghostwriting excites me.

There are many amazing people in this world that are fabulous thinkers and have a heck of a lot to give. The problem is, even if they’re excellent communicators, they are also limited in their scope when it comes to getting their thinking “out there”.

I’m a big believer in relationships and the ordinary work we all do as we lead, love and encourage those around us. That should remain the main focus, in my opinion. But many of us can benefit from what is going on in those relationships. We can read the stories and be encouraged. We can learn from people all across the world and be lifted up to travel on our own journey of discovery. The writing medium allows us to draw from people from pretty much anywhere, especially with the advent of the Internet.

So, I see my job as a ghostwriter as one who can provide another avenue for the brilliant thinkers and doers out there. The more their stuff is out on the net, in the book stores, and so on, the more we can enjoy greater, better thinking in our world. My job is to be a cog in the wheel to do that. It doesn’t just have to be me trying my best with my limited resources. I can provide a base which many others can use in their own dreams to benefit others.

That’s my job as a ghostwriter and why I love it.

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