Ryan Peter. Writer.

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Ryan Peter. Writer.

I’m a writer, author, ghostwriter, and journalist. I help people write books, and I write my own. I have a message I write and speak about. In today’s busy world of social media, high demands at work, expected community involvement, family responsibility, and political turmoil, we can find true rest. If that interests you, stick around and feel free to comment!

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Ryan Peter. Writer.

My latest books

Treasure Island: For Today's Readers

The classic in today's language.

Jesus Crushes Sin

A down-to-earth, Jesus-centred holiness for those who keep losing.

When Twins War: Book II

With a rich and layered fantasy world akin to the classics, When Twins War mingles traditional Western fantasy with middle-eastern adventure and African folklore. It’s something of a mix between The Lord of the Rings and Arabian Nights, with an African edge.

Your Single Happiness

Singleness? See inside...

As editor

Taking on Silicon Valley

How Africa's Innovators Will Shape its Future

What will it mean when the tech “big boys” of Silicon Valley and China, who have repeatedly disrupted industries all over the world, set up shop in Africa? Will this bring positive or negative change? And how can African innovators not only compete with the world’s tech giants but even take them on?

Disrupting Africa

The Rise and Rise of African Innovation

Africa is ready for lift-off. The multiple challenges of the continent have fast become the catalyst for innovation on an astounding level – forming new technologies, new infrastructure, new ways of doing things, and a new narrative.

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