Do We Know How to Ask?

In our modern McDonalds fast-food culture, we can get confused with scriptures that tell us to simply ‘ask’ and we will receive. Attempts at making this easier to understand by including the idea that we must ask what God wants can sometimes just aggravate us. Here’s what I think.

To Prosperity Preachers: Commend Christ As Gain

(Picture sourced from 1 I’ve been following a series of posts at (John Piper’s website) around prosperity preaching. Basically, they’re a set of posts appealing to prosperity preachers. Prosperity preaching, for those that don’t know, can probably be summarised as preaching that encourages Christians to trust God to make them prosper. That sounds …

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Love is WAR

(Pic found at this guy’s website.) Jesus’ commandment that we should “Love one another” is an act of war. It’s an act of war against the devil and the philosophies and attitudes of this world. Every time we obey this command and the others of Jesus, we wage war against these things. We implement the …

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