You want to write a book or publish an article? But you say you're not a writer. This is where ghost writers come in.

Many of us have great ideas. Many want to put these ideas onto paper – a book, an article, a blog. These ideas could be a great fiction story or the story of our lives. But not all of us can write. Not all of us have the time or inclination to refine ourselves as a writer before we can release a book or even write an article for a publication. Nor should we have to, because that’s where ghostwriters come in.

Ghostwriting is an old and distinguished profession. In the ancient times you had the scribe who often wrote letters for dignitaries who didn’t have the time or even ability to find the perfect prose. These days, there’s actually no reason why your story shouldn’t be told just because you aren’t in the position to develop your writing skills. And besides, isn’t your time best spent doing what it is you’re actually doing? What it is you enjoy doing? Serving where you’re meant to be serving?

Presidents, celebrities, professors, executives, pastors and many others use ghost writers to craft their autobiographies, papers, inspirational books, philosophical or theological volumes or even their fiction ideas. To be honest, I would prefer the president to be running the country instead of spending hours behind a computer screen writing because, after all, the former is what he is good at doing (or should be, at least!)

The same applies to people from all other walks of life. But that doesn’t mean they should never have the opportunity to publish a book filled with the lessons, wisdom or insight they have acquired. Or publish articles. Or run a blog. In fact, it would be almost selfish of them not to do so because their lives and revelations, and even their imagination, inspire us all in our own journeys. We need their stories as we shape ours.

Writing not only takes time to do but takes a lifetime to perfect. I don’t try and build my own furniture, I usually hire a carpenter to build it for me, because he has the experience, skills and the passion. I also don’t try to design a house on my own, rather I hire an architect to serve me in that purpose.

As a ghostwriter I’m here to architect your story, whatever it may be, for you. Like with an architect you have an idea and, to various degrees, you may know what you want. But the architect drafts the plans, sources the material, and conducts the building project. In my case, I systematise your thoughts, do the research, and write the book, article or blog for you – from the planning phases all the way to the end project, where it’s ready for publishing.

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