How Objective is the Media: A post on Thought Leader

Is media bias creating sensationalism and is that influencing the public? I think so. Here's why.

Mail & Guardian’s Thought Leader has published a post of mine on the Media and objectivity. Thanks Thought Leader!

The media continues to be under the spotlight, not just locally but also in the US where questions about objectivity are moving to the forefront. Perhaps if there is anywhere in the world where these questions must be asked it’s in the US where, in my opinion, so much of the media has become immature, sensationalist and polarising.

But is the media like this because it’s reflecting society, or is American society (especially in the realm of politics) becoming more polarising because it’s reflecting the media? I’m beginning to think the latter is more the case. And what does this mean for SA?

Read the rest of the post at Thought Leader and comment 🙂

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