Science v Religion: Who Cares? Thanks Thought Leader

Science v Religion, Does it Matter?

Thought Leader / Mail & Guardian has very kindly published a piece of mine called “Science v Religion: Who Cares?”

Read it here: Read Science v Religion: Who Cares?

Comment away at the piece and enjoy! Or don’t enjoy… depending on where you’re at 🙂

1 thought on “Science v Religion: Who Cares? Thanks Thought Leader”

  1. Ryan, I agree with your assessment that science and theology are mutually exclusive. It really does not profit an argument for Christians to use the Bible as evidence, nor it is of any value for science to use their methodology to “prove away” God from the universe.

    I do believe however, as a Christian we need to continue to express our beliefs and faith in the work of Christ and strengthen ourselves with the study of God’s Word. I prefer to expose those who may not believe the the Word that I believe and then let God work through them as He will.

    Mine is less scholarly than yours, but I did post an article on the subject if you should have the time to read it. I can be found at

    Jim Killebrew

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