When Twins War is Complete!

When Twins War, my fantasy work, is finally ready! Now the next challenge: publishing.

It’s been three years in the making after I wrote, re-wrote, then re-wrote, then got some professional advice, then re-wrote, then proofread, then spell checked, then had to work our some phonetics, and now it’s finally ready – When Twins War, my fantasy book of 130,000 words, is as good as I think I’m going to get it and it’s headed off to a publisher today which I hope will pick it up.

The twin desert cities of Iza-Kiêrre and Ben-Kiêrre are going to war, and their war is feared to be a prophetic sign that the Moncoin, a spiritual entity that once almost destroyed the Kingdom of Lexedore, has returned.

Tarkanyon, an Outlander who has dedicated his life to the grand mission of the Outlanders – to ensure peace in Lexedore and find the Wealth, the ancient magic of a race known as the genicoins – is tasked to forge peace between the cities. But soon he has more questions than answers and realises the fate of Lexedore could be at stake.

I’m really excited with how the book turned out in the end. The last editing process was the most excrutiating but also the most rewarding part of the whole process. The world of Lexedore now feels more alive than ever before, and the characters seem to have, well, more character than ever before. I thoroughly enjoyed the ending, complete with an interesting philosophical take and a middle-eastern dance. I can’t wait for people to start reading it in this form at last.

Warning to friends: I WILL BE PUNTING THIS BOOK BIG TIME. Even if a publisher doesn’t pick it up, I will self-publish and punt this like crazy. I’m so happy I’ve stuck to this and gone through all the pain and discouragement, dreaming and re-encouragement of writing this work. After this, of course, will come more!

Wish I had some art to show for it, except for some lousy cover which I invented on Gimp a long time ago and this lousy map which I did in some weird map-making program. I suppose it’ll have to do for now 😀

When Twins War by Ryan Peter, tentative cover art
This is cover art for When Twins War that I did when I was bored. THIS IS NOT THE FINAL COVER ART.
When Twins War by Ryan Peter, a map of Lexedore
A map of Lexedore where events for When Twins War take place

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