7 Habits of Great Writers: Write Right (Peter Eleazar)

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Peter Eleazar has been publishing a great series around writing, called the 7 Habits of Great Writers. I’ve been enjoying it and his latest post, entitled Write Right, has helped me realise a few things about my own writing that need improving.

For one, I think I’ve always been particularly bad at marketing. In an effort to distance myself from what I call an American type of branding and make my writing more about content than celebrity, I have kind of fallen short of really getting my work or name out there successfully.

For me I don’t want to write books full-time for fame and fortune, I want to write books full-time to make a difference and just put good stuff out there. Right now I am a full-time writer, in the sense that I am the deputy editor for gaming.do.co.za and work on projects here and there, but I’m not writing opinion columns for the newspapers enough nor am I working hard enough on my blog / other outlets to really challenge people the way I would like to.

So I think I need to step this up a little. For one, I’ve been working on revamping my website ryanpeterwrites.com and should get that finished.

For those other writers reading this, head over to Eleazar’s site and check out his pointers. They’re inspiring and challenging, something we all need from time to time, especially since it often feels to me that the art of writing has been lost to a culture of celebrity.

6 thoughts on “7 Habits of Great Writers: Write Right (Peter Eleazar)”

  1. Hi Ryan,

    Nice blog! I get where you’re coming from about marketing your writing, which of course is about marketing yourself.

    I’ve been working more on that myself recently and have revamped my website and blog to reflect that.

    I will check out your website too and Peter’s article on the 7 great habits…



  2. Hi Ryan

    Followed this article to your other site and from there to “What is the African way?” Thought I’d comment here as else would need to sign-up as a member.
    I think you wrote a a good article that had a bit of a personal touch, Thank-you.
    I thought to request you get Black Eyed Peas ” One Tribe” song and donate it some of your time. I am congruent with their thinking and feel that some folk are just trapped in the “Sins of your forefathers for 7 Generations construct” thereby leading to the idea’s of an “African Way” or my favourite “African Time” I feel the more we repeat these things the more real they become yet they are just part of an old-school construct of entrapment and in fact we loose sight that each person is an individual and part of the tribe of humanity and it’s consistent pitfall’s. And so and so, I must conclude, Jews are not misers. ;] Off to JBay the WE, to surf.

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