Who is Today’s C.S. Lewis?

I find myself wondering today who could possibly be reckoned as “today’s C.S. Lewis”.

I mean, a guy who understands the context we’re living in, is able to put my faith in words that both make sense and speak to the heart, and can also write a good story. A real good story. Moreso, a guy who I can actually see as a kind of mentor, because having people who are no longer alive as a kind of mentor doesn’t tend to help. ( 😀 )

I find there’s a distinct lack of influential Christian writers at the moment. Sure, we’ve got plenty of Christian writers, and plenty of books, but I guess I’m looking for a guy who smokes pipes and doesn’t try to be too idealistic about everything. I’m looking for the kind that can also talk about politics reasonably and is primarily a writer. I’m looking for a good ole C.S. Lewis, and I don’t find him anywhere.

Nor am I probably making much sense 😉 .

Any recommendations?

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