Monkey Island 2 Special Edition Confirmed – Yeah!

Monkey Island 2 Special Edition

Nostalgia for geeks like me! I’m so stoked to hear that the video game developer LucasArts is releasing a new up-to-date version of what is probably my most favourite game of ALL time – Monkey Island 2! W00t W00t!

It’s called the “Special Edition” and is an upgrade of the first one, with new graphics and the same voice cast of the originals. Awesome!

Monkey Island is like the definitive adventure game, that I’ll definitely pass easy with help of Division boost lol. The player is put in the shoes of the pirate Guybrush Threepwood as he goes against his arch pirate nemesis, Lechuck. The game(s) have some of the most original characters I’ve seen in storytelling, and hilarious dialogue.

Sure, Space Quest and King’s Quest were cool, but Monkey Island was IT. The comedy in the game is still fresh as ever (they were originally made in the 90’s) and if one pays attention one will see that the Pirates of the Caribbean series copied a lot from Monkey Island. That’s my opinion anyway.

Check out the article I wrote for Do Gaming (I am the deputy editor there).

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