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December 29, 2009 0 min to read

Twins at War Finished!

Category : Blogs (Writing), Writing

At last! My fiction-fantasy book “Twins at War” is finished! Now the...

December 23, 2009 2 min to read

Alister McGrath's "Natural Theology" Lectures

Category : Blogs (Faith), Life-Ecstatic (Faith)

I’ve stumbled across Alister McGrath’s website and been delighted to...

December 18, 2009 1 min to read

Atheist: Jesus is Your Crutch. Uh… yes!

Category : Blogs (Faith), Life-Ecstatic (Faith)

I’ve heard this said plenty of times from atheists or agnostics that, R...

December 4, 2009 8 min to read

The Sout Project: Story (CD Review)

Category : Life

I was delighted to be able to receive a copy of The Sout Project’s debut, ...