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When Twins War

When Twins War - The First Prelude to The Rise of the Kings

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With a rich and layered fantasy world akin to the classics, When Twins War mingles traditional Western fantasy with middle-eastern adventure and African folklore. It’s something of a mix between The Lord of the Rings and Arabian Nights, with an African edge.

Deep within the desert of Colone are the Twin Cities. Built exactly alike, the Cities were made by an ancient, celestial race with the goal of defending Southern Lexedore from the return of a dark being known as The Moncoin. But when the Twin Cities plunge into a war it is feared that the Moncoin’s return is eminent.A warrior named Tarkanyon is charged to lead a band of Outlanders to the cities to broker peace, but he is soon embroiled in odd events which hint that he might possess an ancient magic known as the Wealth, and that something else that no one expected is threatening Lexedore.In the meantime a knight from the land of Dernium is also travelling to the Twin Cities and he too will be tangled in a web of events that point towards his own importance in a much larger story.


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