Why do we hate rest so much?

It’s a Friday night and I’ve got a hectic weekend ahead.

All I need is a bit of rest, but I’m simply not finding it. I switch on the T.V. and there’s nothing on Netflix of particular interest. It’s like that most Friday nights. I try to read a book, but my eyes are tired after a whole day of writing. I reach for my phone, and then slap my hand. I don’t want to spend hours just scrolling through news or Instagram. I’m tired of social media. I wonder to myself why, for some weekends, I actually can’t wait for Monday.

My weekend is filled with engagements and things that need to be done. Why is it that I long for rest so much, but I just stack the weekend up with stuff? Is is my fault? Is it my culture? Is there anything I can do about it? Or must I just accept it as it is?

I believe that we’re called to rest. It’s part of who we are. It’s how God made us. He made us to rest. That’s what all that Genesis thing was about. That’s why he told Israel to rest on the Sabbath. The Christian monks used to talk about how we are called to contemplate – to be with God and let Him be with us. I long for that. But for some reason, I can’t find out how on earth that’s supposed to be done.

And that is what’s wrong with the world! At least today.

The cat in the pic? Lucky cat.

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