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Although I’ve received many compliments on my previous website design, I’ve had to change it as I’ve simply outgrown it, plus it wasn’t suiting my purposes.

My website was always meant to garner business while also showcasing my writing and drawing people towards my fantasy / sci-fi books and my books on my faith. Unfortunately, the previous design just showcased everything on the front page, sending a confusing message to potential clients who are interested in hiring me for their online content and strategy needs. So… I’ve had to look at a slightly more formal design that gives me more flexibility.

A few changes are still to come but WordPress is so fantastic that the changes needn’t take an age and I’ll probably have it all done in a day or two.

Any comments on the new design?

2 thoughts on “Website Design Overhaul”

  1. The flashing thingies at the top are distracting. One barely has time to read one befoere it disappears and gets replaced by another, so I either back out of the site, or scroll dopwn to where I can’t see them, and then I’m not sure what I’m looking at.

    1. Thanks Steve!

      I’ve changed the slideshow on the main page to show slides for 30 seconds. Thanks, appreciate that.

      I’m not sure why you call it ‘flashing thingies’ – they don’t flash on my browser. I know you had some trouble with my previous design as well and I’m wondering if you’re not running off an old version of Internet Explorer? What browser do you use?

      I use Chrome and Firefox. Internet Explorer is the worst browser there is. If you do use IE, I recommend you change 😛

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