The Interesting Responses to the New DASO Poster


Yesterday the Democratic Alliance Student Organisation (DASO) revealed its new campaign poster and the response has been amazing to see. The poster is here to the right so you’ll understand the responses.

DASO's poster, captioned "in our future you wouldn't look twice"

The most disappointing response for me has to come from the Christian Democratic Party, who immediately stated that the poster ‘clearly’ promotes sexual promiscuity. There are a number of issues, as a serious Christian, I take with such a response:

1) The poster, probably quite deliberately, doesn’t show any ring fingers. These two individuals may very well be married, or they might not. But the fact is that it doesn’t ‘clearly’ promote promiscuity. Having a picture of a couple in an intimate embrace drives home the reality of interracial marriage and love – and certainly drives home the point much better than just having them hold hands. The objective was to talk about interracial love.

2) The poster is actually done better than many pictures we’re subjected to from magazine covers every day at the shop. I don’t look at it and feel tempted to look up porn on the Internet. I can’t say the same for magazine covers at the local petrol station, unfortunately.

3) There is nothing wrong with naked people. God made us naked. The sooner we can understand that nakedness doesn’t equal sex (they’re not the same thing) the better we can actually appreciate God’s beautiful creation called the human body. When God created and called it all good I believe He meant it. That kind of thinking also helps to deal with sexual temptation much more easily. I’m getting this idea from the scriptures, not some liberal hippie wacked out lame idea of supposed “free” love. That nonsense is an entirely different story.

It’s a rather typical stand that Christian political parties seem to take – it seems their mind is ALWAYS in the sexual morality arena. The response shows more of what the Christian Democratic Party is thinking than what anyone else is thinking. I never looked at the poster and thought ‘sexual promiscuity’, I’ll be honest. I thought, interracial love. It annoys me when the best Christian politicians can do is play some moral card of sexual morality when the objective of the poster was to talk around the morality of interracial relationships. What does the Christian Democratic Party have to say about interracial marriage? If reports are to be believed (well, we don’t really have much reason to believe the news have reported the whole story) – nothing. I hope that’s not the case.

It’s been interesting watching the responses from all corners. Good old Malema has been tweeting about it a great deal, others have told the DA that they no longer have their vote. I’m thinking, sheesh dude, the DA has always stood for interracial everything – where have you been? It’s crazy seeing how many people (white, black or other race) don’t stand for interracial marriage – as if it’s immoral to marry someone from a different colour.

Today a poster depicting a white and black man in an embrace (to promote the whole gay thing) was released, but not by the DA – it’s a fake poster, obviously created by some people trying to make their own point. I need to add that to clear up any confusion.

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