My Site Has Changed!

It’s been a long time coming, but my website has finally been upgraded, with the inclusion of my blog which used to be at the website. Now my site and blog are one, complete with comments and all my posts from my blog imported into this site. Isn’t it a beauty?

I’m using WordPress to do it all, after upgrading my account with my host. The design of the website, which I think is brilliant, is done by Fearless Flyer. It’s a template that Fearless Flyer provides and I think it’s absolutely awesome, so kudos to Fearless Flyer.

The website now includes blogs, articles, details about my books, about me, and details if you would like to hire me for your writing / PR / copywriting / website / editing / SEO / and more needs.

I’ve divided the writing on the site into four sections — Current Affairs and Opinion, which has my opinions on social affairs and that sort of thing; Faith, which is where the majority of my blog used to centre around (but this will now change as I’ll focus alot on social affairs now too); Writing, which is just where posts on my books or writing will go; and Life, which is just random stuff I find interesting.

The Featured section just shows the three posts that show up on the scroll bar on the front page. These will change whenever I change them.

Each section has both a ‘blogs’ and a ‘articles’ section. Something that’s more than 500 words and is much more formal in its approach I classify as an article, while less formal posts are blogs. Some will obviously cross over as well.

There’s only one thing missing and that’s a topical search, which I’ll be putting in during the next few days.

So that’s how the site works! Enjoy!

Oh, one more thing, I must say WordPress is amazing. I actually didn’t realise how powerful it is until this upgrade. It really is as good as people say.

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