Group Tonight: Discipleship

Tonight (Thursday 16 September) we’ll be talking about the challenges of being vulnerable (discipleship) with each other at our Life Group in Sandton, which meets every Thursday at 6:30 for 7pm.

We’ll be chatting not just about ‘discipling’ others but the challenge of being discipled — the difficulties we all have in our heart with opening up to someone else, to each other, and allowing people to actually see our bad side. It’s time to take off all masks and be real. But like real for real, not just talking about being real but then doing our own thing and zoning in on our own lives.

Anyone’s welcome to join. The group meets in the heart of Sandton. Phone 011-884-3820 for the address (we meet in an office block) or just email me at ryan (at) ryanpeterwrites (dot) com.

4 thoughts on “Group Tonight: Discipleship”

  1. Taking off the masks… hmm….

    I have been in so many situations where the word ‘vulnerable’ is used. I have seen it used for good and I have also seen it used for manipulation by church leaders/cell group leaders etc.. It places guilt on people and pressure to “open up” otherwise God can’t work with them or something… crazy!

    For me, a place of vulnerability is where the relationships of the people far outweigh any sense of ‘leader’ and ‘follower’, ‘elder’ and ‘disciple’. It is in relationships that are real, honest and genuine that real vulnerability is seen and it’s naturally seen, it’s not forced or switched on or off, it’s a natural response to a real relationship and not an ill-perceived connection.

    Being vulnerable is not just “opening up” and telling everyone your deepest darkest secrets and now everybody knows everything about you. Some people want their privacy respected. Being vulnerable is about relating so well to someone that they can talk to you as a friend, know who you are and love you despite what you may think is wrong with you!

    1. These are great points I think Matt.

      This shows that it’s not always supposed to be about our ‘bad side’ but what I think I’d love to see is a community where we all also dream together, and encourage each other about these dreams.

      I’ve found tremendous encouragement when finding out that others are processing similar things as I am and asking similar questions.

      You’re right I think in that ‘deepest darkest secrets’ are reserved for real friendships, but I think dreams for our church and for ourselves and for our city and for our families can be shared openly, and we should encourage each other in those.

      Love is by definition vulnerable, and we’re called to love one another. How we do that we have to work out, but we can’t deny Jesus’ instruction just because some people are manipulative…

  2. I get what you’re saying. I also 97% agree with you!

    For me love is a response, not a command. I love because I want to, not because I have to. I want to, because of relationship. Jesus said that people will know that they are His disciples (the people He was discipling) because of their love for one another. They loved each other because they were in relationship, they got to know each other and love each other out of that, not because Jesus told them to. Jesus said love your neighbour, but I believe that is meant to be in relationship with your neighbour, not being done out of a command. How can you love your neighbour if you don’t even know him?

    Hope you guys have a good evening! 🙂


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