Relationality — Thoroughly Interesting, Thoroughly Robust

Alan Jones has now finished his four-part introductory series to relationality (a philosophy of everything).

I feel where Alan is going with relationality is fantastic. He’s really putting it all together and producing a thoroughly robust way of looking at things. Admittedly, it’s an ambitious project, but very rewarding too.

I wanted to put the links up here. Be warned: These posts must be addressed with a cup of tea/coffee and concentration. There’s a lot of philosophy and theology being addressed here, and skimming over things isn’t really going to help.

Part 1 – Relationality Theory
Part 2 – Why Horton didn’t hear a ‘how’
Part 3 – Equal and Opposite
Part 3.5 – Relationality Conclusions
Part 4 – Does it matter

Relationality provides a great apologetic for Christians and is something I’d recommend atheists and religious people take a look at. It’s a great argument and has huge repercussions to how we see our world and ourselves, and of course how we see God.

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