Love is WAR

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Jesus’ commandment that we should “Love one another” is an act of war.

It’s an act of war against the devil and the philosophies and attitudes of this world. Every time we obey this command and the others of Jesus, we wage war against these things. We implement the victory Jesus got for us on the cross into this world and so usher in a new Kingdom and reign.

Our war is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities and powers. Against every thought that comes up against God. If our war is not against flesh and blood, we don’t take up guns and shoot each other. Rather, we work to capture the hearts of people through our relationships, our speech, our conduct, our deeds. And these things in themselves also wage war against the devil and wicked philosophies because our relationships, speech, conduct and deeds are decidedly anti-devil and anti wicked philosophies and ideas. Everything we do is an act of WAR. We are not on the defensive, we’re on the offensive.

Jesus has gotten the victory over all these things and came to destroy the devil’s works. (1 John 3:8.) Christians are to implement this victory into our world, our time, our age.

Let’s go and wage war today.

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