Today’s Christian Doing Spiritual Warfare

A Christian man woke up on a Saturday morning and decided to take a ‘prayer walk’ down the road.

He got dressed, grabbed his Bible and a few things and quickly set out. It was a beautifully crisp autumn morning.

“Oh Lord, please give me opportunities to share your goodness and your Gospel with the world!” he prayed.

After a few minutes a real downtrodden-looking woman passed him and stood in his way.

“Could you please spare some change? I’m so hungry and have nothing to eat,” she said.

“Sorry,” said the man. “I’m busy praying. Can’t help you right now.”

He continued to walk and now his praying got more aggressive.

“Devil! I command you to loose yourself from my city! In the name of Jesus I command you and your demons to go!”

A middle-aged man was hobbling towards him. It seemed as if his one leg was shorter than the other, and he seemed to have a really bad cough. Altogether, it looked as if sickness was getting the better of him.

“Oh, I wish I could walk like you do! And be in such good health!” the middle-aged man said to the Christian as they passed.

“Sorry, I’m a little busy to talk right now. I’m doing spiritual warfare,” said the Christian.

Eventually he found a bench and sat down, taking out his Bible. He remembered reading about a spiritual technique called “Lectio Divina”, a way of reading scripture and praying that was practiced by early monks. He started practicing this spiritual discipline.

A rather smartly dressed man holding a few magazines under his arm came and sat down next to him. He opened one of the magazines entitled, “Atheism today” and browsed through it. Another was called, “The New Age Correspondent.” He browsed through this too and turned towards the Christian, who looked up.

The smartly dressed man was looking quite intently at him.

“Have you heard?” he said. “God is dead. Or he may just be the Universe, a cosmic goodness we can become by looking deeply enough inside ourselves to find our Inner Goodness.”

“Sorry,” said the Christian, quite politely. “I’m busy reading my Bible and praying right now. No time to chat.”

The smartly dressed man carried on browsing his magazines and then eventually left. The Christian, having finished his spiritual exercises, stretched and went back home.

He grabbed his car keys and decided to go shopping.

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