RE: Foundation. Very Exciting! Living the Gospel, Man.

I might do a little work for the RE-Foundation, in terms of writing the content for its website. The RE-Foundation is an exciting not-for-profit organisation that goes into war-torn areas (currently Uganda) and performs reconstructive surgery on those who can’t afford it.

In wars people get burned, have ligaments crushed, and all sorts of terrible things. Surgeons, Occupational Therapists, Physios, and others can do a great deal in nursing these injuries and often restoring these areas of the body to function properly again. Shannon, my wife, is an occupational therapist for hands, and I’m amazed what they can do for all sorts of injuries. Really awesome stuff.

Going into war-torn areas, helping people, healing them, loving them… wow, it’s all part of the Gospel man. It’s living the Gospel. It moves me.

Here’s a video about the Re-Foundation. Visit the website if you’re interested in finding more details or supporting this great idea!


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