Taking this City! Why I’m Excited about Johannesburg

Braamfontein, Johannesburg, courtesy of WITS

On Wednesday night at my church (Church on the Square in Sandton) we had our prayer meeting (as we usually do) and prayed for our city, Sandton.

I’ve never seen us as a church pray for our city like that. It was awesome. We had some great prophetic words and we believe God is giving us strategy to infiltrate Sandton with the Gospel.

Last night, Shannon and I visited Cornerstone Church’s (our old church) new site in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, called UPTOWN Cornerstone Church. Slap bang in the city of Johannesburg hundreds of us prayed for the city while a party was going on next door and students in the streets could hear us. It was a key time and it was an awesome time. I really felt God say that He can change everything and He will. The prayers of the righteous avail much.

I’m excited about Johannesburg and all the things I hear and see going on. I’m excited to see Cornerstone, a suburban church, plant a site right in the city where it’s going to be uncomfortable for the usual suburban crowd to go — and yet, hundreds pitched up. Despite how dangerous Johannesburg is perceived to be, the passion of God’s people for this city is igniting and its exciting me! Both at our church and at Cornerstone, God is doing something.

Years ago I had a dream that I was walking down Oxford street from Sandton into the city. Then I also had a dream some time later that me and a couple of guys were IN the city, and it was filled with many different people, and the city was changing and many people were going to a church. It was more detailed than that, but that’s really the main points for this post that I want to highlight.

A year or two later the church plant for Sandton was announced and I knew what the first dream was about – that Shannon and I had to go to Sandton (in my dream, Oxford street looked similar to our current church building); when this Braamfontein thing was announced I think I’ve come to understand both dreams all the more. God is bringing real change to Johannesburg, churches everywhere are seeing the same thing, it’s really happening, His people are really getting excited about it… and I am too!

3 thoughts on “Taking this City! Why I’m Excited about Johannesburg”

  1. I sense your excitement, and it’s infectious.

    I’d love to get “inside” some of those prophetic utterances. Maybe we could discuss them sometime …

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