Atheist: Jesus is Your Crutch. Uh… yes!

I’ve heard this said plenty of times from atheists or agnostics that, “The reason why you are a Christian is because you need a crutch to get through life. I don’t.”

It’s usually said in a way to show that ‘having a crutch in life’ is wrong, that there is something wrong with you for needing a crutch, or that you’re a loser (if we are going to be honest about it) for needing one.

My answer to this is: “YES! Right on! Jesus is actually more than a crutch! He is EVERYTHING I need!!”

To be honest, I actually find it arrogant when someone insists they don’t ‘need a crutch’ and the only person they need to believe in is ‘themselves’. I know that people say this and aren’t being deliberately arrogant, but if they think about it for a second it certainly sounds arrogant. At heart, it is saying, “I don’t need nobody and certainly no god! However, look at you, you must be a loser because you do!”

The statement is 100 percent true. I DO need a crutch to get through life. It’s not my fault that I’m just being realistic about life. Good luck to you in finding abundant joy throughout your life without God, but I believe you won’t find it and history proves me right.

Heck, I need more than a crutch, I need living water, everlasting life and joy in never ending abundance. And all this I’ve found in Jesus. Nothing to be embarrassed about.

7 thoughts on “Atheist: Jesus is Your Crutch. Uh… yes!”

  1. A crutch is not necessarily a bad thing–long as you can be a crutch for others in times of need–of course without diverting their attention towards intangibles when indeed their problems are tangible–the responsibility humanity holds– love thy neighbor

  2. I was actually “agreeing” with you…UNTIL you said: “Good luck to you in finding abundant joy throughout your life without God..” This statement is just as arrogant as the statement you discussed.

  3. Well, perhaps it is but I did qualify it with a “I believe” 🙂 I don’t believe one can find abundant and consistent joy outside of God. The phrase of the statement is perhaps arrogant, I’ll agree to that and it’s a good point, but the crux of the statement is I’m simply saying what I believe.

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