Excited About My New Book “Alive”

Today I’ve embarked on a journey on writing a new book, with the working title “Alive“.

It’s going to be a relatively short book. So far I’ve planned only seven chapters, and it will be a lot less intensive than my last book “Single.”

The book is focusing on enjoying God and life, and will incorporate a lot of stuff about worship and finding God in every aspect of living.

I hope for it to be a little more ‘evangelistic’ in its scope – in other words, that non-Christians, anti-Christians, or those looking in or are interested in Christianity will find the book interesting and will see why Jesus is truly awesome.

So far, the first draft for chapter one is under the belt – so I’m really looking forward to it.

As to my fantasy-fiction work, that’s still work in progress. It looks like I may have about seven or eight chapters left before the book is done. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the bucks to get the book looked at by an agent yet but if everything goes well I’ll be able to embark on that next year Feb or March.

If all goes well, maybe I’ll have both Alive and my fantasy book finished by then 🙂 If I can get some time off for Christmas, I’ll be spending a lot of time writing.. looking forward to that!

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2 thoughts on “Excited About My New Book “Alive””

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