Press On

Forgetting what lies behind, straining forward to what lies ahead
(Phil 3: 1-16)

This was the subtitle of my sermon “Press On” I preached this last Sunday at my church, Church on the Square.

You can download the sermon here.
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I thoroughly enjoyed it! Although, giving it a listen, I could have dropped some of the “ums” in places… oh well, I’m sure I’ll improve.

As Christians we need to leave the past behind, and leave those things behind that get us caught in a rut and prevent us from moving on towards the upward call and greater prize God has for us.

Once we are saved, we are saved, and when we fall we can get up in the grace of God and press on. We don’t need to dwell on our sins, our mistakes, guilt, shame etc. And we should sort out any relational problems, such as forgiveness issues etc.

Also, God wants us to know more about Him – who He is – and we need to be unsatisfied with what we know now. Some of our doctrines and ideas of God are not necessarily wrong, but they aren’t the full picture – God in His fullness. God wants us to open our eyes wider and see more of Him, and so we need to move beyond the rut that prevents us from seeing and knowing more of Him.

Grace is not just forgiveness, but also the power to get up and move on. Thankfully, when we’re saved we can sort out sin issues within God’s safety rather than run away from God. The problem is many times we run away from God when we sin rather than run TO Him, and it’s the latter that we need to do if we want to get rid of sin, even habitual sins.

Religion wants to tie us up in a sin-focus, where all we do is focus on our sins in an effort to be ‘perfect’ and ‘accepted’ by God, when we are already accepted by God and don’t need to be perfect – we just need to be moving on.

The more we focus on sin, the more we’ll sin. We need to focus on the victory Jesus attained for us, and race towards the prize – forgetting what lies behind, and straining forward to what lies ahead.

Those are a few snippets of my sermon. Download it here.
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3 thoughts on “Press On”

  1. I agree with Ryan in what religion has done to society. It has kept us all in bondage as we constantly keep beating ourselves instead of keeping our focus on Christ as He has said His yoke is lite. We all do sin and as we grow in Christ as Ryan spoke we need to change our thinking and mindsets and put things behind us and press forward to our inheritance in Christ.

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