You’re always a heretic to someone

As a writer I’m faced with the constant tension of not wanting to add to all the endless information and absolute junk out there, both on the Internet and the bookstores. And the tension of wanting to publish the real TRUTH of a matter.

I mean, there is a LOT of opinion out there, and everyone has their opinion.

When it comes to writing Christian stuff a lot of things are emotionally charged. You’re always a heretic to someone and I have found myself needing to accept this more and more.

Everyone has their opinion and at some stage I’m going to have one that may not even line up to the “tried and true” doctrines of the church. Actually, when you listen to what people preach and say, in general, I think there are a great deal more “heretics” out there than we would like to think. Most people don’t walk the straight and narrow to doctrine – they kind of interpret doctrine in their own way and live it out in their own way.

Take the doctrine of the foreknowledge of God. Even those who believe God determines everything that happens (I am not one of them) speak as if He doesn’t (that we have free will). The fact of the matter is that no one really sits and thinks about the conclusions of their own thoughts or what they say – their thoughts sit very much in their own subjective world.

Not that I think everyone should be philosophical about everything. As a writer, I have to be, especially if I’m going to publish something; but it often gets me in dangerous ground. I’m in the public limelight and easily labeled a heretic – just because I’m in the public limelight. I can write exactly what everyone else SAYS in their conversations or preaching, but since I have to be more philosophical about this everyone may be surprised where the conclusions of their thought actually goes – quite often into what many staunch theologians call “heresy”.

Heresy has become such a subjective thing. Is it heresy to believe that God allows people to choose Him or not? To some, yes, because they believe in predestination. But is it REALLY heresy, or just a difference in opinion? Who the heck knows?

I guess I have to suck it in and publish my opinions anyway. We’re all a heretic to someone, especially if we have a different opinion. If mine have helped me, hopefully they’ll help someone out there as well.

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