Well, I think it’s been officially a month (or maybe more) since I last posted on my blog. I suppose maintaining a blog is a lot less inspiring than I thought it would be! Well, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t really had anything to say or write about. In fact, since my new job is now a full-time writer I find I have a lot to write about! But mostly, I doubt you’ll be interested in a company profile or whatever here.

Me changing jobs and now being able to work for myself is — might I add — the best thing ever in my life. Well, I suppose if I was getting married that would be the best thing ever. Or rather, let me say this (and quite seriously) that knowing Jesus closely is the best thing ever. We’ll make that number 1, my wife (please email me your phone number if you’re reading this) number 2 and maybe my job number 3. Although, I do think that music is also the best thing ever. Ah, nevermind.

Ok, enough time-consuming banter. The real point of this post is to share a rather complexing growing ‘thing’ inside of me (for lack of a better word) where I am realising just how important relationships are. I’m not referring to the obvious here. I mean, just how central relationships are to the entire functioning of the universe. Everything is about relationships – and relationships is where we fall short all the time isn’t it? We’ve fallen away from our relationship to God, and as a result can’t relate properly to each other. Everything becomes about control, or us, or security etc. and we could probably write 5 million books about the subject.

 What I really want to talk about here is how important it is for us to have relationships in the church. Really. I am so grateful that I have friends in the church of God. And not just friends, but fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. Having fathers in my life has been a huge blessing for me, as they have been able to give me direction and maturity as I learn from their maturity. Not that I’m so mature! But you get what I mean (I hope?)

I’m starting to see many Christians who don’t have this priviledge and it’s scaring me quite a bit. Guys are honestly out there on their own, with no one they can rely on or seek counsel from, or actually just feel like they can be accepted. Truly. I know what it feels like, too, I was there once. But it’s important for our relationship with our church leaders to also have US doing something about it. Ie, I wouldn’t have a fantastic and growing relationship that I do with my church elders unless I also came ‘to the party’ so to speak and decided to work on this thing as well. And there is truly blessing in this.

Which, for anyone reading this, is really what I want to say today. If you have problems with your church leadership ask yourself — How commited are YOU to this relationship? Are you expecting them to be the only guys who make an effort towards it? Are you making a REAL effort? Are you seeking your security from God so you can actually also be an encouragement for them, as much as you would like for them to be for you? It might strike you as a surprise, but they also need encouragement. They need to know that they don’t need to be ‘super pastor’ but just need to be themselves. THAT, I’m sure, takes a huge load off their shoulders.

Unfortunately, us as ‘non-leaders’ (guys who aren’t leading a church and have a job at the office or at home or whatever) are not exempt from being Christians. Or actually from being leaders where we are right now. And not exempt from being Christians to our leaders either. And not exempt from being serious about all our relationships, including this one.

Well, sorry for the heavy, but it was just on my heart today. Maybe someone out there needed to hear it.

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