Looking for New Music, Please?

Let me share my frustration here, which led me to write this blog.

Where, oh where, is all the good music? Frankly, I think not even the devil has the good music this time. I mean, a good deal of it seems to have disappeared.

Ok, I’m being a little too dramatic here because I’d have to say that there is some really great new music out there. But, I really am talking about the ‘worship’ stuff. And I’m referring specifically to music we can sing in church. Most worship music is too… fluffy. Lyrically and musically. The Psalms and the Bible is FAR LESS ‘safe’ than the present choice of worship music. And, having a chat to a friend of mine (A certain Warmington) the production on the music is also way to ‘safe’ and clean. I’d rather not publically slate some of the artists but in all honesty they’re just all too safe!

The only current guys who I support are David Crowder* Band and… well… that’s about it. I enjoy some of the great Christian music that’s coming through in the scene right now, guys like MuteMath or whatever are pushing some great creative boundaries. But we can’t sing this stuff in church – not so much because the music is too loud, but because the lyrics don’t fit in with what we could do for congregational worship.

Even bands like Future of Forestry and This Beautiful Republic and Starfield are calling themselves ‘worship’ and they are, of course, in a sense worship because all art made unto God is worship. And I really like their stuff. And I can feel that it is anointed. But it’s not corporate worship. Back in the 90’s guys like Matt Redman and Delirious were writing songs we could sing in church and play on the radio. These days, we’ve got songs that either you can play on the radio or sing in church. I find it all incredibly frustrating.

As far as Christian music (or music by Christians, or at least where you can feel that God is on the album) is concerned, most of it sounds the same, but if you dig deep enough you’ll find some real gems. I’ve already mentioned MuteMath, but also record companies like Northern Records (www.northernrecords.com) have some real interesting stuff. In my quest to find some new worship music, I did a little research to find out what’s happening with The Violet Burning (who have always been trying to do a different kind of worship music) and was glad to see that they’ve got a new album called “Drop-Dead.” Fans of The Cure, or New Order, or the whole 80’s New Wave thing will love it. I love it too, I think it’s great. But it aint worship music. At any rate, I saw that they were signed up with Northern Records and I’ve always been kinda happy with Northern Records. They were the only guys who had the guts to sign up Kevin Max and his Christian David Bouwie vibes. I’ve always secretely enjoyed his way of just not doing things the normal way (although, I was dissappointed when I saw him live here a few years ago.) I pushed on the N Player on the Northern Records website and was given quite an aural treat with some of the stuff they’re promoting. Well done guys. Now, please, get some new worship stuff developed. Maybe I’ll send you my demo (which means I better start writing songs, I guess.)

Man, it’s frustrating. I still love Delirious, but “Did you Feel the Mountains Tremble” is over 10 years old now. Who’s pushing the envelope? Where is worship music going? Where is the envelope anyway? Right now, it seems to me that it’s heading straight for the ‘safe, boring, samey, sausage-machine’ parking lot where I was hoping we’d have pulled out of long ago. I feel as if I’ve paid for my parking but the boom just won’t open so that I can move on. Sigh.

Oh well, I don’t want this to be a moaning blog so I’ll sign off now. If anyone can help me – got new worship music we can sing in church – PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I’m starving here.

God is moving worship on, and to be honest I think worship services in the future will be very different than it is now – the whole alt.worship thing is showing that to be true (where the church gets to participate more heavily through art, video, poetry, song etc.) I hope this really takes off in bigger churches like mine. But, we still need music, and we still need some creativity. Really, guys. We do. Record companies, PLEASE stop mass-producing CCM worship music! Argh! Yuck!

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  1. We have similar sites. I saw that you mentioned Bloem LTT earlier in your Blog. I am sure there was some awesome worship there but not mainstream. I have to say for main stream I agree the music has gotten a bit soft.
    But If I might add some Matt Redman Songs that are not in that category.
    Matt Redman – Facedown – Dancing Generation…What better lyrics than…Its the overflow of a forgiven soul…..and our hearts will not stay silent!

    I agree also that David Crowder is the only one pushing the envelope at full speed. I have all of his album but for the most part the only music that is congregational is some of his older stuff other than “Here is our King” which is from his latest album. All in All he is the only one that seems to be testing the boundaries of what is and what is not worship. David is brining back Old Hymns and then throwing a twist to grab the youth. This was his original intention when David realized that the music the churches were playing were getting old. Not that old is bad but the word of God does say. Sing a “New Song” of praises unto him.

    Ok now for the un-mainstream worshipers. I am doing the best to help you in your perdicament. It would seem that what the public wants to hear in terms of worship has governed what is heard now. Not necessarily what is missing in our congregational worship is being attended to but more what sounds good. This is because for mainstream christians there has not been a separation between Christian music and worship. Because of this I believe we are seeing this drop off in worship music now.

    If I might suggest an amazing worship Band called the Planet Shakers.

    As for the unmainstream just mentioned.

    Jon Daniel, Alan Frow and Fini and Isi and Jimi Lane. I know if you were at Bloem LTT you had to have heard the worship. I was not at Bloem LTT but hear alot about it and am going to try and make it out there next year.

    Jon even though ….and older song..People of God, Dancing, are songs that pontificate the essence of worship. Alan Frow with Arise brings back the warrior in you the looking forward to battle to arise and shine….The picture of revelation of the trumpet call. It amazing and still very moving even as it now has become a bit dated. and Fini and Isi. Even though sometimes I feel their music is a little quarky sometimes. The heart of it which is what we are looking for not what always sounds good to us but what is lacking in the worship of today can be found in FIni and Isi “I Believe” “But you” as well as Jimi Lane who to me has found a very special place of intimate worship that I believe only Eoghan Healsip of Ireland has been able to achieve.

    It does not end here. Do a sincere search for other churches and visit their worship sections. Check out the worship going on there. You will find that alot of amazing worship comes from small churches and unknown worshipers. Gems like you would not imagine.

    A few years back I was in a store and there was this young lady nameed Christi Libay who had played a concert at a local small Christian book store.
    She was quite humble. All she asked was that she could play and that once she was done if she could leave CD’s modestly labeled with a small sign that said $5 a cd. Me being curious purchased it (i did not see her concert). To this day is a prized CD I hold dear to my heart.

    I believe Christi for whatever reason found the untouched place of writing music for the lost not just the saved and allowing Christians to realize where their relationship is in Christ. This is believe is done very well with “Ask Me”. Though this song might fall under soft a bit. It asks questions and projects things that many worship songs today fail to do. Unfortunately you cannot find her anymore as she has gotten married and is busy with her own family. But I am sure we will hear from her again.

    Look in those small places for the large gems. They are there. But I believe until the Christian population at large starts asking sincere and truthful questions about their relationship to Christ I believe our worship will be shallow and un-impacting. It is also Our responsibility at large to find so search and seek the heart of God not just what we want to hear but what our soul deeply cries out for lock on and let this attitude form both our worship and our attitude in worship.

    Great Post.. Sorry if my reply was a bit lengthy but your post inspired me.

    Hopefully I might see you next Year at Bloem or this Year in Los Angeles LTT at southlands.


  2. Thanks for all those James, will definately be checking them out!
    I’ve also recently stumbled upon Jason Upton’s stuff – very prophetic.
    Bloem was great, the worship was quite good. J.D. had some pretty good new songs, and Alan did a good job as always. The new Hillsongs United stuff is also good– I’m quite impressed with the direction they’ve started taking…

  3. Hi Ryan, stumbled across your site while doing a search for what i think was a JD (jon daniel) song. Keen to find the artist & which album the song came from. Perhaps you can help? The line I most remember was something like “I am one of billions who call ourselves the sons of God”
    Not sure if i’ll find your blog again tomorrow as I’m searching from my wife’s machine. Perhaps you could mail you response to me? Myless@wol.co.za
    PS is the warmington you refer to Kirsty’s brother? If so send greeting to both if & when u see them.

  4. Kevin McIntosh

    So strange… Christi Libay is my wife. Do I know you?

    I stumbled upon this after searching for “worship christian music”… small… internet? Good article. Christi is an amazing artist.

    Good Christian music is hard to find. A couple new bands I found…

    LeeLand and The Send.

    Keep writing!

    1. Awesome Kevin, Happy for you both. Christi is an amazing worshiper and to this day which has been quite sometime her music is some of the most authentic worship I have heard. Your blessed and No I never met Christi however when she was attending a Ray Comfort (Living Waters event) I was invited but never got to come up and see her or you. God Bless you and her
      Kevin. however Kevin your name is strangely familiar. Are you in the computer industry because I am.

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