Back from holiday!

Well, I’m back from a totally AWESOME holiday in East London.

I went down to be at Lindsey and Shane Riley’s wedding, which – I must say – was one of the best weddings i’ve been to. Well done guys, it was really awesome and excellent being able to share the day with you guys. Plus, it was ultra cool having wraps for a wedding! And being able to dress in whatever you felt like! I was pretty stoked!

Shane, your speech was the best dude. I could have listened for another hour for sure!!

Leaving for the wedding

Here’s a random photo of the B&B we stayed in, about to go to the wedding. Was loving the wedding clothes! Myself on the left, then JJ and Benji and a fat little dolphin at the back. Caroline on the right. Sorry guys, now your photo’s are on the web. Ha ha! And I didn’t even ask permission!!

Thanks also to the Willis family, your hospitality is amazing!! I think that you really showed me the idea of hospitality in the Bible – it was an incredible testimony. It was awesome being with you guys, and great to hang out with JJ and Benji for a while. And all my JHB friends too.


Sorry the quality’s a little dodge, but needed to mention that we’re all king’s of poker now and if I wasn’t a Christian i’d probably make a lot of money from the casino. Ok, I know that’s cheesy, but I didn’t really know what else to say. Actually, to be honest, it was really only Jonno Warmington and John Stone who were raking up the match sticks. The rest of us were sucking pretty bad.

 What else can I say? I loved every second of it. East London is actually quite a wonderful and beautiful place. I’m feeling pretty refreshed. Back to work! Start a new job next month at last!

 Well, enough about me. Here’s the last photo. Thanks Andrea for the photo’s – she took them on a cell phone, so they’re not the best. And I hope everyone is ok with me putting photo’s of them on the www! If you’re not, get over it. Chops.

John Stone and Andrea

 Chopper… er, I mean, John Stone, posing like a chopper eating his bacon next to Ands.

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