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Ryan Peter. Writer.

About me

My Story

I’m a writer, author, ghostwriter, and journalist.

I help people write books, and I write my own.

I have written over a dozen full-length published books, some of which are bestsellers in South Africa. My work has helped my clients win several awards and receive international recognition.

Many of my clients include people you probably know, if you keep up to date with the news. I’ve written books, autobiographies, and articles for thought leaders and influencers of all kinds: politicians, media contributors, entrepreneurs, psychologists, social activists, motivational speakers, and more.

In addition to full-length books, I’ve published over twenty smaller books and many articles in national news media such as Mail & Guardian, Times Live, the Sunday Times, and others.

I don’t just write your book but I also can guide you through the publishing process; help you refine your message so that is is clear, engaging, and inspiring; and give you insight into building your career as an author and speaker.

I love my job. I get to meet interesting people like you. I  like to work hard to make your voice shine and get your message “out there”.


Welcome to my website. Here you can find out all about ghostwriting. You can also read my thoughts on things I like to write about. And you can read about the books I write. And in all this you can get to know a bit about who I am. But you might want to grab a coffee first!

I’m a pretty ordinary guy who likes to find the “hidden spectacular” in the ordinary. Ultimately, this is what I believe writers do – they slow us down for a bit; they get us to think about things; they tell us stories that make us realise that we all have struggles and victories – that we’re all an interesting, broken, beautiful mess. That we all have value. That God can be found. Or, rather, that God is looking for us.

I believe that everyone has a story to tell, a viewpoint worth publishing, a testimony about their life and successes and failures. I’ve taken the viewpoint that my work ought to be of service and value to others, otherwise it’s not worth much. And I’ve realised that most people aren’t built the way I am, with the ability to sit behind a keyboard and craft words… or the privilege to do that full-time and be well practised at it! Most people are serving in their own way and I can serve them best by bringing their service to light using the written form. Read more about my view on ghostwriting here.

Ghostwriting is my principle trade but I also enjoy writing in general – copywriting, blog writing, online article writing, and so on. And there are certain topics I enjoy writing on for myself. Plus, there are also books of my own that I’ve published.

I live in Johannesburg, South Africa with my amazing wife and full-of-laughs sons who keep us on our toes!

Check out more on my writing experience, my rates and so on here.

(C) Ryan Peter Strydom