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Freelancing as a Writer in South Africa

Recently, I interviewed a business owner in America who does pretty much what I do – ghostwriting, copywriting, journalism, SEO and so on. She was surprised to hear I was from South Africa and I was equally surprised to hear her mention that she had several great clients from South Africa. It made me wonder, […]


What is Copywriting?

“Copywriting” is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days and many times people are a little confused about what it is they’re actually looking for when they’re looking for a copywriter. They may be looking for someone who works in advertising or they may actually be looking for a content writer for […]

Why Business is Intrinsically Good

It seems strange that I would title this post as “Business is Intrinsically Good”. Many of us perhaps never thought there was anything particularly “bad” about it in the first place, but at the same time – and I know this from experience – we’ve only ever looked at profit and our job and work […]

I Try Elance. I Feel Demoralised. Should I Forget it?

In the last two weeks I’ve been spending some time at the Internet freelancer site Elance, which has (apparently) become the biggest site of its kind. I originally signed up for Elance back in 2007, didn’t have much luck, and managed to get local clients instead, which was much better business. Now, some years later, […]