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Salvation now, salvation then

Soteriology (the theology of how we are saved, so to speak) is not an uncomplex discussion. You’ve got “Calvinists,” “Arminians,” “Free Gracers,” “Catholic,” “Orthodox” and the more recent “faithfulness” guys (they haven’t found a label yet. But, what they believe, in the end, is that your salvation depends on how faithful you were to God… […]



For a while now God has got me on this path of discovering grace more and more (and I suspect that this will be a life thing.) In particular what has been bothering me is trying to understand the sinful nature. In trying to study this thing (because of sins in my life that won’t […]


The Worship Industry

See Christian writer Brian Mclaren’s little 3 min video about the “worship industry” (a term we all cringe at, I’m sure) here at http://www.theworkofthepeople.com/index.php?ct=store.details&pid=V00246. This has very much been my heart about this for a while now. 1) Worship music is too safe, lyrically and musically (some new songs I can guess the next line […]



Well, I think it’s been officially a month (or maybe more) since I last posted on my blog. I suppose maintaining a blog is a lot less inspiring than I thought it would be! Well, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t really had anything to say or write about. In fact, since my new job […]

Stick it to the man!

Having been back in JHB for almost a week now I feel the pressure… the endless voice of the Invisible Man insisting that you need to be doing better… you need to worry about money. You need to worry about where your life’s going. You’re not performing well enough, man. You need to be making […]

Back from holiday!

Well, I’m back from a totally AWESOME holiday in East London. I went down to be at Lindsey and Shane Riley’s wedding, which – I must say – was one of the best weddings i’ve been to. Well done guys, it was really awesome and excellent being able to share the day with you guys. […]

Links, wonderful links

I’ve also posted my blog about hell on the engagenations blog at http://emergentafrica.com. It has resulted in some wonderful comments and conversation, worth some reading.  Ryan