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Community Group Starts Thursday – ANYONE welcome!

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(A picture of the Sandton Towers)

We’re launching our first community group on Thursday in Sandton.

Anyone is welcome to the group. We’re Christians and the group will focus around Christianity, but the less Christian you are the more welcome you are (well, not that Christians aren’t welcome either, of course!).

Really. We want the group to be a place where people can be real.If you’ve got an issue with God then come through — let’s talk about it. If you’ve got an issue with the Bible then come through — let’s talk about it. If you’re not sure about Jesus but he interests you — come through and let’s talk about it. If you’re a Buddhist or a Muslim and you want to know more about Christianity — come through and let’s talk about it. If you’re an atheist and you want to tell us a thing or two, come through and let’s have a healthy discussion about it. If you’re currently on a drug habit or anything of that sort — come through and let’s trust for change in your life together. If you’re homosexual, come through and let’s talk about it. If you’re poor, come through; if you’re rich, come through.

And if you’ve got a heart to see change in our city then come through — let’s do something about it, together.

If you’re interested in the details then mail me at ryanpeterwrites@gmail.com, or alternatively call Church on the Square at 011-884-3820.

You can also check out Church on the Square’s website at www.churchonthesquare.co.za, if you want to know more about the church. On Thursdays we won’t be meeting at the church building, though, so get hold of us so we can let you know where we are meeting.

Starts at 6:30pm.

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Ryan Peter is a writer, journalist and ghostwriter from Johannesburg, South Africa. He writes fantasy, sci-fi, inspirational fiction, and on faith. Ryan is also part of the New Covenant Ministries International (NCMI) translocal team.

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