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For a while now God has got me on this path of discovering grace more and more (and I suspect that this will be a life thing.)

In particular what has been bothering me is trying to understand the sinful nature. In trying to study this thing (because of sins in my life that won’t seem to go away) I’ve been led into trying to understand our relationship – as Christians – to God’s law and moral codes. Shaun Mackay was to ‘blame’ for setting me on that path – and for that Shaun I am so grateful!

What I’ve been finding is better news than I thought he Gospel ever was! That we have NO RELATIONSHIP with the law whatsoever!! None! I mean, absolutely none! Many people have accused this idea of being ‘greasy grace’ or ‘cheap grace’ and I’m finding that grace is actually even more than just cheap — it’s absolutely free!!!

Whether you agree or disagree, I’d highly recommend you listen to Rob Rufus’ series on grace at the link below. Download the MP3’s in the BLUE block (they’re free- like grace… he he.) Take a listen and feel free to comment here if you would like – agreements or disagreements.

As a personal testimony, the more I’m discovering how free and easy grace is, the less I am sinning (sins that I know about, at least.) Coincidence? I think not. Grace means that God’s Spirit is free to move! Here’s the link


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Ryan Peter is a writer, journalist and ghostwriter from Johannesburg, South Africa. He writes fantasy, sci-fi, inspirational fiction, and on faith. Ryan is also part of the New Covenant Ministries International (NCMI) translocal team.

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    ReplyNatalie Rivera June 18, 2007

    Apt subject matter to begin the week with Stry!

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    ReplyMe June 18, 2007

    Ha ha, true, true :)

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    ReplyNatalie R June 19, 2007

    Hi -- do you have copies of the GRACE SERIES mp3 files -- I am struggling to download them -

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    ReplyMe June 20, 2007

    Sure Natalie - by the way, how are things going?? Send me your email addie and I'll try and email them to you-- ryan @ ryanpeterwrites.com Oh, also, get onto facebook.com -- great way to keep in contact!

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    ReplyNatalie R June 20, 2007

    Gracias Ryan! But apparently one should learn patience when downloading stuff from the net -- Mi Amigo has helped me out and obtained it for me! Gracias :-)

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    ReplyNatalie R June 20, 2007

    Is Grace not just a good gift from God! :-) I have allowed myself to be led by the LAW far too long! Thanks for this info I will make sure to pop into your blogs often just to see what PEARLS you will throw next!Chao!